About the Band

Kenny Clark, Scott Kirk, Johnny Beemiller, Alan Celeste, and Mitch Laney are seasoned and talented musicians who came together in Watertown, Tennessee to form the Rockified Country band known as Saint Luke's Drifters. Drawing on their experiences touring coast to coast with bands and artists performing heavy metal, country, punk rock, bluegrass, and gospel, these musicians have successfully merged their considerable talents to create a dynamic band that many are predicting will be a welcome turning point for the Nashville music scene. Mitch, Alan, and Kenny bring with them their rural North Carolina roots and influences, Johnny Beemiller hails from Florida, while Scott claims Tennessee native status, a son of Wilson County.

A rarity in some circles these days, they write and sing their own original music. You'll also hear them cover such greats as Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Hank Williams, Sr., but in their own unique style. Talented guitar player Kenny Clark stays true to thier country and hillbilly roots while Scott Kirk provides the hard hitting drums. Johnny Beemiller brings unforgettable smoking guitar sounds and Alan Celeste plays the piano with a style reminicscent of Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard. Bandleader Mitch Laney rounds out the mix with his skillful bass.

Watertown, Tennessee is a small town, but Saint Luke’s Drifters may just end up bringing national attention to the city with their energetic songs and honest work ethic. They have melody and harmony yet have a gritty punk edge to them. From their western-wear to the twang in their voices Saint Luke’s Drifters makes you dance, sing along and perhaps shed a tear when you hear that they are experts on pains of the heart.

Their second album, "Trials and Tribulations' has just been released. BJ Tombstone on The Graveyard Shift Radio Strabane Northern Ireland says this about the album: "Kicking off the album "Let Me Down" and the wonderfully titled "If A Frog Had Wings" help to really get the party started with a bang. Guitar licks and harmonica slicks combine with Jerry Lee piano tricks on these tracks and they really got my toes tapping and my long forgotten air guitar shamelessly re-commissioned. Needing a breather "The Battle of Wounded Knee" offered up a neat change of pace with heartfelt vocals and a killer hook. Country fans will adore the inclusion of "Neon Lights" which evokes George Straight at his finest with a sweet guest appearance on fiddle by John Cisco. Murder ballads (every album should have at least one murder ballad) are ably represented by "Long Weekend". It includes the neat line, "It's been a long year this weekend, while we tore each other down" which gives you an idea on where the song's going but I won't spoil the rather bloody ending. No self respecting countrified album would be complete without a train song and "Last American Hero" chugs neatly along the tracks with a Tennessee two back beat that hits all the right spot's for us train lovers. We get a trip back to the glory years of The Satellite's with the lively "The Eyes Of A Fool" barroom tear jerker which employs juke joint piano that jostles beautifully with some sweet sounding guitar licks. Marvelous stuff. "Virginia Slim" brings things to a close with a few tears 'n regrets over a broken down relationship that we've all sadly experienced at one time or another. "Trials and Tribulations" is a superb collection of self penned songs that echo the early days of alt-country, a la The Satellite's and The Scorchers. Saint Luke's Drifters are a proper old style, shitkickin' country band that are having a fun ride, pure and simple, with a batch of great country tinged rockers and rock tinged country tonks. Go see 'em live if and when they roll through your home town."

Band Members

Kenny Clark

Scott Kirk

Johnny Beemiller

Alan Celste

Mitch Laney